Meal Prep Week 1


First, I’d like to start by giving all my week 1 meal prep credit to my friend and teammate Amber. She gave the plans and motivation to get things started. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing.

HERE’S THE PLAN: 1_First clean eating meal plan_Amber Beavers

I did all my prep on Sunday. That’s my “clean the house, do the laundry, get groceries” day. I decided to get up and going early. Boy am I glad I did. Full prep took some time. (And I always need extra time for my ADD distractions.  (Like deciding to pull everything out of the fridge, clean and rearrange.)

I had my super simple list ready to go. It was one of the quickest trips to the grocery I’ve had. The only bummer was matching coupons to my list. I typically average about $40 in savings each grocery trip because of my Kroger Plus Card discount and the use of coupons. During this trip I only saved about $5. Healthy eating is not cheap. I suspect this is why America is fat.

When I got home, I laid all my food out. Then I grouped it by meal on the counter. I read though my recipes to develop a plan. I looked for the items that needed to go into the oven first. Then moved onto slicing and dicing, then stovetop cooking. While food was cooling, I put cottage cheese into small containers, sliced fruit and veggies for snacks. I cubes apples because I don’t like to eat them whole. To prevent browning, I soaked the apples in lemon water for 10 minutes. It worked perfectly. One of the last things I did was boil half a dozen eggs for snacks.

When it comes to snacks, I like a variety. We had a lot to choose from which helped. I had the cottage cheese, mixed fruit, Babybell cheese minis, 100 calorie packs of almonds, dried fruit and although not exactly clean, had some different fruit and nut bars available. (I try to stick with the ones that are organic and have few ingredients. If you can’t read the ingredient, don’t eat it.

Amber taught me to eat most of my carbs for breakfast and lunch. That goes for snacks too. Protein after 7pm.

As for other substations, I had ground lamb in the freezer so I used that in my tomato sauce for spaghetti squash. I also had some diced bell peppers left over from a previous meal and threw it in the sauce. I alternated between whey protein shakes and Greek yogurt for breakfast. I even tried some refrigerator oats. (They weren’t good so I threw them in the blender and made oatmeal smoothies.)

To keep everything extra simple and organized, I used a dry erase marker and labeled each meal. If the marker stays after washing, you can remove the ink with a magic eraser.

Physical activity wasn’t too great this week. I am on leave from derby. I used a guest pass for the gym to get acquainted and will purchase a membership next week. (I had to wait for my workout accountability buddy’s membership at her gym to end.) When not at the gym, I tried to do 25 of each daily: sit-ups, push-ups, crunches and squats.






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