1Hopefully you noticed something different about my blog. I thought I’d celebrate being back on the blogging bandwagon by giving April Can Cook a little makeover. I’ll just apologize now for the poor quality of picture I previously posted. Yikes! I had no idea they were that bad until I had to resize and repost every one of them to fit my new format. Perhaps I’ll look into some photography tutorials online.

I have a full inventory of recipes and bad pictures saved up to share. I also have some new adventures to tell you all about. Where do I even start?

Let’s start with all things crafty. I recently purchased my very first sewing machine. I have no idea how to really use it. (I’m not sure how this happened considering my mother was a seamstress and can pretty much sew anything.) I’ve thought about taking some beginner classes from the local JoAnn Fabrics. I may enlist the help of my crafty friends. For now, I am watching You Tube videos just to figure out how to thread the machine. But when I get the basics figured out — look out! I have all sorts of goodies pinned and just waiting to be created. This could get interesting.

On a much simpler note, I’ve taken up wreath making. My first one was a Halloween inspired wreath. (Don’t worry, I’ll share!)

And finally, my latest adventure… I have jumped feet first into the world of meal prep and somewhat clean eating. My husband and I needed a lifestyle change. I need to look like I dropped about 30 pounds. (His initial goal is 50.) I’ll be posting my weekly preps, struggles and successes.

I hope you’re ready for all this because I am not sure I am.

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