Chandelier Cake Stand

Now that the wedding frenzy is done, I may finally get some time to share my cost-saving projects. I’ll start with one of my favorites: my clearance chandelier turned cake stand.

I bought this chandelier years ago for $10 thinking for that cheap, someday I would surely use it in my home. Instead, the chandelier hung from my friend’s garage ceiling — until years later my wedding inspired me.

I needed a way to display 10 cheesecakes. the cake stands I found online held three and cost about $80. The do-it-yourself stands left me trying to figure out how to get the middle out or in my cakes. Then I came across a cupcake stand on pinterest that was made from a small chandelier. A lightbulb immediately went off in my head.

I remembered that old chandelier. I removed the smaller tier (which I’ll revamp later) and removed the light sockets and other miscellaneous hardware. I gave it a quick sanding and wiped it clean. I found some plates at the Dollar Store and treated them the same way: a quick sand and cleaning. Two bottles of spray paint and a little adhesive later, I ended up with this show stopping display. I’m not sure it could’ve turned out any better, especially for less than $25.




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