Early Morning Breakfast Burrito

Inspired by Pinterest

I try to make sure I eat breakfast every day, but there is only so much yogurt and oatmeal I can eat before I get burnt out. On the other hand, my fiancé Chris skips breakfast or grabs fast food. Neither of us has the time to make breakfast every morning, especially when the dogs are demanding their own meal be served and pronto.

While scouring Pinterest one afternoon, I came across the idea of premaking breakfast burritos and freezing them. So I gave it a whirl.
Prep: About 45 minutes | Cook: less than 1 minute | Makes: Dozen +

1 package (tube) breakfast sausage of choice. (I used the Tennessee Pride Spicy Italian)1/2 bag of frozen hash browns
1 tbs cooking oil (optional)
1 small carton of Egg Beaters (Or 6-8 eggs, scrambled)
Splash of milk
1 bag shredded cheddar cheese
2 (10-count) packages of medium-sized tortillas
1 minced garlic clove
salt and pepper to taste

Cook sausage, drain and set aside. Add a TBS of cooking oil to a skillet and fry the hash browns until golden brown and cooked. Add a dash of salt and pepper while cooking then set aside. Add a splash of milk to either type of eggs. Scramble eggs and set aside. (I put the minced garlic in my eggs when I scrambled them.)

You could have a pan going for each of these to cut down on the prep time. I opted to cook each item separately, using the same pan. I used the grease from the sausage for my hash browns instead of cooking oil. Just make sure you give the pan a chance to cool a little in between.

I had a block of cheese leftover in the fridge so I shredded that instead of using a bag of cheese. Really wish I had a food processor. Shredding cheese by hand stinks!


Once everything was cooked, I lined it up in a row and pushed it as close to the wall on the counter as I could. In the remaing space, I placed my tortillas. I took a large spoonful (not too large, these have to be rolled) of each ingredient and placed on the tortilla. Then I rolled the tortillas like burritos and wrapped them individually with plastic cling wrap. I then put all my wrapped burritos in a labeled and dated freezer bag and threw it in the deep freeze.


The next morning, I grabbed a burrito and threw it in my lunchbox. When I got to work, I poked a couple small holes in the plastic and threw it in the microwave for about 45 seconds. Perfect and delicious! Cooking the burrito in the wrap steams the tortilla, preventing it from drying out. For those who are really on the run, this burrito could easily be eaten in the car.



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