A New Year, A New Blog

1If you know me, then you know I like writing and sharing my life’s experiences with others. So it’s only fitting that I created a new blog.

Expect this blog to be a bit different then you read in the past. I’m not writing to get emotionally deep. I’m past all that and much happier with my life. What you can expect is a little mix of everything.

I originally wanted to create a blog that shared my cooking adventures. Lately I’ve been creating menus in an attempt to eat fresher and have more variety. (And maybe even save some money.) I even pre-prep my meals so I don’t have excuses not to cook after a day of work. All the new recipes I have tried have gotten some interest from friends and coworkers. I thought the easiest way to share those recipes and my changes to them would be through a food blog.

Of course, people aren’t just satisfied with reading my food stories, so I decided to modify my blog to include other topics like life, crafts and maybe even some roller derby. (Although, you can read some of my derby blogs on the Naptown Roller Girls Blog.) If you want to hear updates on my wedding, check out Fetzernathy.com, compete with blog. And if you want to read other stuff I write, you can check out The Salvation Army Indiana’s website or Naptown Buzz. Periodically, I will freelance for The Herald Bulletin or Madison the Magazine.

Stay tuned, and please feel free to share recipes, tips and more!

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